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20,000 Leagues Under the Seas - 1954


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Tags: 20.000 Léguas Submarinas, Carleton Young, J.M. Kerrigan, James Mason, Kirk Douglas, Paul Lukas, Percy Helton, Peter Lorre, Robert J. Wilke Ted De Corsia léguas, submarinas, 1954, kirk, douglas

The oceans during the late 1800s are no longer safe; many ships have been lost. Sailors have returned to port with stories of a vicious narwhal (a giant whale with a long horn) which sinks their ships. A naturalist, Professor (Pierre) Aronnax, his assistant, Conseil, and a professional whaler, Ned Land, join a US expedition which attempts to unravel the mystery.

Ficha Técnica
Título no Brasil 20.000 Léguas Submarinas
Titulo em Portugal Vinte Mil Léguas Submarinas
Título Original 20000 Leagues Under the Sea
Ano de Lançamento 1954
Idioma English
Legenda English, Portuguese, Spanish, French Russian, Turkish
Cores Colorful
Gênero Adventure, Drama
Duração 127 Min.
Direção Richard Fleischer
Países de origem United States
Elenco Carleton Young, Eddie Marr, Fred Graham, Harry Harvey, Herb Vigran, J M Kerrigan, James Mason, Kirk Douglas, Paul Lukas, Percy Helton, Peter Lorre, Robert J Wilke, Ted Cooper, Ted de Corsia
Você sabia?
Curiosidades The undersea footage was shot in the Bahamas in the same location that was used for the silent 20.000 Léguas Submarinas (1916).
Erros de gravação When the giant squid appears, it is swimming toward the Nautilus with its tentacles first. While squid can swim in both directions, they normally move mantle first with tentacles trailing due to much better movement through the water and their gill systems adapted to movement in this direction, particularly if they are trying to swim at a high rate of speed. Also, if the squid was moving with the tentacles in front, they would trail toward the back, not stay rigidly in front of it, like a person's arms stretched out.

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