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Brands D.W. Griffith

Abraham Lincoln



D.W. Griffith's first talking movie is the biography of Lincoln from his birth in a log cabin to his entry into politics and his years of power before his assassination in Ford's Theatre. It is sincere and straightforward as it relays to us his life story, including his romance with Ann Ruglefge, hi..

Brands John Ford

December 7th | December 7, 1941 | December 7th: Th...



"Docudrama" about the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941 and its results, the recovering of the ships, the improving of defense in Hawaii and the US efforts to beat back the Japanese reinforcements...

Brands David Miller

Diana - 1956



Diane de Poitiers is in a childless marriage with count de Breze. When he is charged with treason, Diane visits king Francis I to successfully plead for her husband's life, something that start a rumor that she has offered her own services in return. Her husband reject her, leading Francis to ask he..

Empress Yank Kwei Fei | The Empress Yang Kwei Fei ...



In eighth century China, the Emperor is grieving over the death of his wife. The Yang family wants to provide the Emperor with a consort so that they may consolidate their influence over the court. General An Lushan finds a distant relative working in their kitchen whom they groom to present to the ..

Brands Samuel Fuller

I Shot Jesse James - 1949



Bob Ford murders his best friend Jesse James in order to obtain a pardon that will free him to marry his girlfriend Cynthy. The guilt-stricken Ford soon finds himself greeted with derision and open mockery throughout town. He travels to Colorado to try his hand at prospecting in hopes that marriage ..

Independence or death - 1972



The dream of Brazilian independence, under Dom Pedro I, is expressed in the cry of "Freedom or Death" (O Grito de Independencia ou Morte), since cries were the only way to rally up support against colonial oppression. Dom Pedro I (played by Tarcisio Meira) heads Brazil's break from his own parent's ..

Jigokumon - 1953



In 1160, in the Heian Period, Lord Kiyomori travels with his court to another feud and his Castle Sanjo is invaded by two other lords, in a coup. The loyal samurai Moritoh Enda asks the court lady Kesa to pose of the lord's sister to create a diversion while the lord's real sister and his father fle..

Kagemusha - 1980



When a powerful warlord in medieval Japan dies, a poor thief recruited to impersonate him finds difficulty living up to his role and clashes with the spirit of the warlord during turbulent times in the kingdom...

Brands Jean Renoir

La Vie est à Nous - 1936



A propaganda film of the communist party of France, showing how the comrades help the proletariat against the capitalists...

Brands Abel Gance

Lucrezia Borgia - 1935



At the end of the 15th Century, Rome is ruled ruthlessly by power mad and sex hungry Cesare Borgia, the eldest son of Pope Alexander VI. Following the advice of his chief adviser Niccolo Macchiavelli, Cesare Borgia decides to attempt to unify the country in order to become even more powerful. To thi..

Brands Hans Hinrich

Lucrezia Borgia - 1940



The action takes place in the last part of Lucrezia's life,when she was duchess of Ferrara ;her notorious brother Cesar was dead then and yet does not appear even though the sister hints at him while taking a flask of poison.At the time ,lucrezia was essentially a patron,protecting the artists. And ..

Brands Lima Barreto

O Cangaceiro



'Capitão', a bandit, terrorizes poor villages in the Northeast region of Brazil, looting and frequently killing with his armed gang, until he kidnaps and becomes attracted to a beautiful schoolteacher, creating discord in his group.Brazilian movie inspired by American westerns (but losing none of it..

O Sal da Terra - 1954



Baseado em fatos reais, o filme retrata uma greve dos mineiros de origem mexicana, no Novo México. Com exceção de cinco atores, o elenco é composto por não-profissionais, a maioria participantes na greve real. O filme é profético ao descrever a participação das esposas dos trabalhadores oprimidos, u..

October 1917 | October (Ten Days that Shook the Wo...



In documentary style, events in Petrograd are re-enacted from the end of the monarchy in February of 1917 to the end of the provisional government and the decrees of peace and of land in November of that year. Lenin returns in April. In July, counter-revolutionaries put down a spontaneous revolt, an..

Saint Joan | The Making of 'Saint Joan' - 1957



Graham Greene wrote the screenplay based on George Bernard Shaw's drama, and Jean Seberg made her screen debut as Joan of Arc. With a superb performance by John Gielgud as the Earl of Warwick...

Brands Sacha Guitry

Se Paris falasse... | Se Paris nos fosse contada -...




Shin heike monogatari | The Taira Clan Saga | Tair...



Special Forces commander Captain Tadamori returns to Kyoto after successfully defeating the uprising of pirates in the western sea of Japan. But because the high courtiers dislike career soldiers gaining power and influence, they ignore the will of ex-Emperor Toba and refuse to reward the captain. R..

Brands Andrzej Wajda

The Ashes - 1965



Set in the time of Napoleon wars, shows how the wars swept over the unfortunate Polish country at the beginning of the 19th century. Story revolves around the Polish legion under command of General Dabrowski, who then fought on Napoleon's side with the hopes of Poland's revival...

Brands Sergio Grieco

The Nights of Lucretia Borgia - 1959



Federico, do Borgia, é cobiçado por Lucrezia, mas ama Diana, a partir do qual um movimento de revolta contra seus mestres. Diana morre envenenado (e não é uma surpresa, dada a utilização dos Bórgias), mas Federico matar Cesare Borgia (aqui está a surpresa para quem conhece um pouco "os acontecimento..

Brands Roger Corman

The Secret Invasion - 1964



The Nazis imprison an Italian general who was planning to switch sides and turn over his army to the Allied side. Allied headquarters sends a small, somewhat misfit group of soldiers to spring the general from prison and carry out his plans...

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