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After the Thin Man - 1936

  • Brands W.S. Van Dyke
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Technical Sheet
Title in Brazil A Comédia dos Acusados
Original Title After the Thin Man
Title in Portugal
Release year 1936
Language English, Russian
Subtitle English, Portuguese, Portuguese, European, Spanish, Italian, Russian
Colors Black and white
Gender Comedy, Police, Mystery
Duration 112 Min.
Direction W.S. Van Dyke
Countries of origin United States
Cast William Powell, Myrna Loy, James Stewart, Elissa Landi, Joseph Calleia, Jessie Ralph, Alan Marshal, Teddy Hart, Sam Levene, Penny Singleton, William Law, George Zucco, Paul Fix, Asta, Mrs. Asta, Jack Adair, Eadie Adams, Ernie Alexander, Eddie Allen, Murray Alper, Charles Arnt, Will Aubrey, Vince Barnett, William 'Billy' Benedict, Margaret Bert, James Blaine, Jimmy Blair, Phil Bloom, Ward Bond, Jimmy Brewster, Donald Briggs, Harlan Briggs, Ralph Brooks, William Burress, Joe Caits, James Carlisle, Noble 'Kid' Chissell, Phyllis Coghlan, Irene Coleman, Heinie Conklin, Baldwin Cooke, Edith Craig, Richard Cramer, Jack Daley, Edgar Dearing, Jimmy Dime, Flossie Dunlap, Cecil Elliott, Frank Fanning, Bess Flowers, Charles Fogel, Lloyd Ford, Chester Gan, Melvin J. Gibby, Mary Gordon, Maude Turner Gordon, William Gould, Fred Graham, Jesse Graves, Jack Grey, George Guhl, Ben Hall, Sherry Hall, Lew Harvey, Sam Hayes, Allen 'Farina' Hoskins, Arthur Housman, Ethel Jackson, Michael Jeffers, John Kelly, Edith Kingdon, Clarence Kolb, Jean Laverty, Hal Le Sueur, Harry Leroy, Carl M. Leviness, Bert Lindley, Richard Loo, Jimmie Lucas, Tom McGuire, Pat McKee, Charles McMurphy, Hans Moebus, Roger Moore, Sue Moore, Kewpie Morgan, Bob Murphy, Jack Norton, Paddy O'Flynn, Frank Otto, Harvey Parry, Lee Phelps, Joe Phillips, Thomas Pogue, Richard Powell, Paul Power, Mae Questel, Jack Raymond, George Reed, Jack Richardson, Tom Ricketts, Cyril Ring, Jeanie Roberts, Claire Rochelle, Constantine Romanoff, Dick Rush, Fred Santley, Bert Scott, Marion Sheldon, Alice H. Smith, Ernie Stanton, Jane Talent, George Taylor, Zeffie Tilbury, Edith Trivers, Charles Trowbridge, Harry Tyler, Guy Usher, Monte Vandergrift, Dorothy Vaughan, Lucille Ward, Bobby Watson, Norman Willis, Eric Wilton, Frieda Worthington, William Worthington
Other details
Did you know?
Curiosities Though William Powell and Myrna Loy were very close friends off-screen, their only romantic moments together occurred on-screen. The public, however, was determined to have them married in private life as well. When the two stars showed up in San Francisco (where most of this film was shot) at the St. Francis, the hotel management proudly showed "Mr. and Mrs. Powell" to their deluxe suite. This was an especially uncomfortable moment as Jean Harlow, who was engaged to Powell, was with them, and the couple had not made a public statement about their relationship. Harlow saved the day by insisting on sharing the suite with Loy: "That mix-up brought me one of my most cherished friendships," Loy said in "Being and Becoming", her autobiography. "You would have thought Jean and I were in boarding school we had so much fun. We'd stay up half the night talking and sipping gin, sometimes laughing, sometimes discussing more serious things." Meanwhile, Powell got the hotel's one remaining room--a far humbler accommodation downstairs.
Bloopers When Nick and Abrams go to the hotel looking for Polly's brother, the desk clerk tells them he is in room 212. However, when we see them open the door to the room, the number on the door is 221.

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