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Animals are Beautiful People | Capricorns Beautiful People | Beautiful People - 1974

  • Brands Jamie Uys
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Filmmaker Jamie Uys, who gained worldwide fame for his film The Gods Must Be Crazy, took four years to make this joyful and revealing film about the habits of these beings that look so much like us: animals. Uys and his team traveled almost 200,000 kilometers of wild territories in Africa, from the great desert in Namibia to the Zambesi River valley, and faced enormous dangers to surprise the most varied species of animals in their natural habitat. Uys' cameras managed to capture extraordinary activities, behaviors, expressions and gestures of elephants, baboons, felines, birds and other families of the animal kingdom, wonders of Nature never seen before by human beings.

Technical Sheet
Title in Brazil Os Animais Também São Seres Humanos | Os Bichos São Gente Boa
Original Title Animals Are Beautiful People
Title in Portugal Gente Como Eu e Você
Release year 1974
Language English, Portuguese
Subtitle Portuguese
Colors Colorful
Gender Documentary
Duration 92 Min.
Direction Jamie Uys
Countries of origin South Africa
Cast Paddy O'Byrne
Did you know?
Curiosities The scene with the weaver colony catching fire was staged for storytelling purposes. The filmmakers found a colony that had apparently been abandoned for a very long time and set it alight. The dewdrop was staged in a small frame, and footage of the birds was spliced in.
Bloopers No actual documentation of the Honeyguide bird leading honey badgers to bee hives is known to exist, although they do this with humans. The "story" in the film is done with editing and a model bird simply being dangled in front of the badger.

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