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Block-notes di un regista | Fellini: A Director's Notebook - 1969


Fellini discusses his views of making motion pictures and his unorthodox procedures. He seeks inspiration in various out of the way places. During this film viewers go with him to the Colisseum at night, on a subway ride past Roman ruins, to the Appian Way, to a slaughterhouse, and on a visit to Marcello Mastroianni's house. Fellini also is seen in his own office interviewing a series of unusual characters seeking work or his help.

Technical Sheet
Title in Brazil Federico Fellini: Anotações de Um Diretor | Anotações de Um Diretor
Original Title Block-notes di un regista | Fellini: A Director's Notebook
Release year 1969Colorido
Direction Federico Fellini
Countries of origin
Cast Ennio Antonelli, Caterina Boratto, Marina Boratto, Federico Fellini, Giulietta Masina, Marcello Mastroianni, Nino Rota, Alvaro Vitali
Trivia / Curiosities
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