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British Agent - 1934

  • Brands Michael Curtiz
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It's 1917. In Russia, the Communist revolution is in full swing. Stephen 'Steve' Locke is a British agent in Russia. The main task of Steve is to prevent the Bolsheviks, led by Joseph Stalin, to sign in Petrograd a separate treaty with the Germans. Germany had been at war with its neighbors. Steve has to deal with Elena Moura, the attractive secretary of Lenin and spy too. Steve falls in love with Elena.

Technical Sheet
Title in Brazil Espionagem
Original Title British Agent
Release year 1934
Direction Michael Curtiz
Countries of origin
Cast Leslie Howard, Kay Francis, William Gargan, Phillip Reed, Irving Pichel, Ivan Simpson, Halliwell Hobbes, J. Carrol Naish, Walter Byron, Cesar Romero, Arthur Aylesworth, Alphonse Ethier, Frank Reicher, Tenen Holtz, Doris Lloyd
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