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Comanche Moon - 2008

  • Brands Simon Wincer
  • Product Code: NA-1068-SER-LT
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The adventures and love lives of young Texas Rangers Woodrow Call and Augustus McCrae leading up to their retirement to the city of Lonesome Dove.

Technical Sheet
Title in Brazil Comanche Moon | Lua Comanche
Original Title Comanche Moon
Release year 2008
Language English, Russian
Subtitle English, Portuguese
Colors Colorful
Gender Series, Miniseries
Duration 360 Min.
Direction Simon Wincer
Countries of origin United States
Number of Files 03
Cast Steve Zahn, Ryan Merriman, Keith Robinson, Wes Studi, Adam Beach, James Rebhorn, Melanie Lynskey, Rachel Griffiths, Troy Baker, David Midthunder, Arron Shiver, Toby Metcalf, Steve Reevis, Wally Welch, Val Kilmer, Karl Urban, Linda Cardellini, Elizabeth Banks, Ray McKinnon, Sal Lopez, Floyd Red Crow' Westerman, Kristine Sutherland, Josh Berry, Jonathan Joss, Bill Flynn, Brady Coleman, Savion Rose, Grover Coulson, Tatanka Means, Fredrick Lopez, Scotty Augare, Geraldine Keams, Rod Rondeaux, Jack Burning, Jake Busey, Jeremy Ratchford, August Schellenberg, Norbert Leo Butz, Zahn McClarnon, Joseph Castanon, Indira Varma, Brett Brock, Mary Evans, Gene Raye Price, Bobby McLaughlin, Aldred Montoya, Alan Tafoya, Buck Taylor, Dylan Kenin, J D Garfield, Bill Poague, Tone Forrest, Brad Johnson, Charles Baker, Boots Southerland, Chris Burnett, Brad Leland, Eddie Spears, Anthony Parker, Rodney Smith, Jessica Robertson, Ramon Frank, Mark Brooks, Barbara Bartleson, Jeremy Burnell, Jack Caffrey, Scott Flick, Robert Nathan Gleason, Tom B Gleason, Cynthia Marie Hruschka, Bryan Lane, Benjamin Lax, Nathon S Lewis, Christine Summer Lopez, Sarah Majors, Peggy Ann O Neal, Chuck Paul, Jonathan Scorza, J Nathan Simmons, T A Taylor, Wyatt Turner, Stacy Marie Warden, Shani Klein-Madden, Maria Bethke, Jonathan David Dixon, Rachel Noll, Thadd Turner, Brent Lambert, James Blackburn, Taylor Warden
Other details
Number of Chapters / Episodes 03

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