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Evelyn Prentice - 1934


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Evelyn Prentice is the respected wife of a high-profile New York attorney. Despite the prestige and status she enjoys, she feels neglected and out of boredom becomes involved with an unscrupulous womanizing poet, who gives her the attention she craves. She eventually finds herself a victim of blackmail and becomes involved in his murder. When another woman is accused of the crime, she begs her husband to defend her.

Ficha Técnica
Título no Brasil Chantagem
Titulo em Portugal A Testemunha Imprevista
Título Original Evelyn Prentice
Ano de Lançamento 1934
Idioma English
Legenda English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Turkish
Cores B&W
Gênero Drama, Mystery, Romance
Duração 79 Min.
Direção William K. Howard
Países de origem United States
Elenco William Powell, Myrna Loy, Una Merkel, Rosalind Russell, Isabel Jewell, Harvey Stephens, Edward Brophy, Henry Wadsworth, Cora Sue Collins, Frank Conroy, Jessie Ralph, Mariska Aldrich, Stanley Andrews, Herman Bing, Georgia Caine, Sam Flint, Billy Gilbert, Sherry Hall, Howard Hickman, Samuel S. Hinds, John Hyams, Perry Ivins, Joe Keaton, Isabelle Keith, Crauford Kent, Robert Livingston, James T. Mack, Wilbur Mack, Mary MacLaren, Sam McDaniel, Francis McDonald, J.P. McGowan, Jack Mulhall, Pat O'Malley, Garry Owen, Milton Owen, Bob Perry, Ruth Renick, Matty Roubert, Larry Steers, Billy Sullivan, Phil Tead, David Thursby, Richard Tucker, Clarence Wilson
Você sabia?
Curiosidades The third of 14 films pairing William Powell and Myrna Loy.
Erros de gravação When John is discussing the clues of the case in their living room, Evelyn puts her fists up to her cheeks. In the next angle, they are by her sides.

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