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Goodnight, Mister Tom | Goodnight Mr Tom | Masterpiece Theatre: Goodnight Mister Tom - 1998

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We're in an English village shortly before Dunkirk. "Mr. Tom" Oakley still broods over the death of his wife and small son while he was away in the navy during WWI, and grief has made him a surly hermit. Now children evacuated from London are overwhelming volunteers to house them. Practically under protest, Mr. Tom takes in a painfully quiet 10-year-old, who gradually reveals big problems. William nightly wets the bed. He can't read or write, although he is intelligent and shows artistic talent. He constantly dreads going to hell. Scars cover his back. Mr. Tom soon realizes that his little boarder comes from a horribly abusive home, and determines to provide him a better one. All goes well until William's mother persuades him to return to London for a few days' visit. When Mr. Tom hears nothing from the boy after two weeks, he can endure the loneliness and worry no longer.

Technical Sheet
Title in Brazil Boa Noite, Senhor Tom | Goodnight, Mister Tom - 1998
Original Title Goodnight, Mister Tom
Release year 1998
Language English
Subtitle Arabic, Spanish, French, English, Persian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Vietnamese
Colors Colorful
Gender Drama, Family, War
Duration 101 Min.
Direction Jack Gold
Countries of origin United Kingdom
Cast John Thaw, Nick Robinson, Annabelle Apsion, Thomas Orange, William Armstrong, Geoffrey Beevers, Mossie Smith, Peter England, Ivan Berry, Harry Capehorn, Merelina Kendall, Marlene Sidaway, John Cater, Denyse Alexander, Avril Elgar, Michael Cronin, Pauline Turner, Thomas Russell, Stephanie Silver, Tanya Perry, Edward Clayton, Geoffrey Hutchings, Mary Healey, Hugh Hayes, Toby Whithouse, Caroline Lintott, Robert Oates, Charles Kay
Did you know?
Curiosities The exterior village scenes are filmed in Turville, Buckinghamshire, UK. The same village is used for the BBC sitcom "The Vicar of Dibley". Mr Tom's home is Sleepy Cottage and adjoins the Dibley vicarage, which is partially hidden by a wooden shed. In Dibley, Harry supposedly lives at Sleepy Cottage, but a property up the lane was actually used, giving the characters more space to walk.
Bloopers During this programme we sometimes get a view of other houses / cottages in the village. It is a shame that with all the other detail and thought that went into the making of it, no one thought to remove or disguise the UHF television aerials on their rooves ! You would not have seen an aerial of that type on a roof until the mid 1960's when BBC2 came into being.

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