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Guns Girls and Gangsters | Guns, Girls, and Gangsters | Murder for Money - 1959

  • Brands Edward L. Cahn
  • Product Code: NA-2050-DRA-T
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Chuck Wheeler gets out of the Pen and sets up an elaborate heist of Vegas casino money travelling by armored truck. He enlists the help of shady club owner Joe Darren and his ex-cellmate's wife, Vi. Vi's husband Mike is a trigger happy and jealous hothead and will not grant her a divorce. Mike escapes from prison right before the armored truck job goes into motion and promises trouble as he tries to locate his associates and his wandering wife.

Technical Sheet
Title in Brazil Garotas, Gatilhos e Gangsters
Original Title Guns Girls and Gangsters
Title in Portugal
Release year 1959
Language English
Subtitle English, Portuguese, Spanish, French
Colors Black and white
Gender Drama, Film-Noir, Crime
Duration 70 Min.
Direction Edward L. Cahn
Countries of origin United States
Cast Mamie Van Doren, Gerald Mohr, Lee Van Cleef, Grant Richards, Elaine Edwards, John Baer, Paul Fix, Carlo Fiore
Did you know?
Curiosities In O Falcão Maltês (1941), Sam Spade refers to Wilmer as a gunsel. Trivia notes include the following: "The Yiddish term 'gunsel'--literally, 'little goose'--may indeed be a vulgarism for homosexual (the word 'faigle', or 'little bird', is usually used in that respect), but it's more commonly an 'underground' term that refers to a person who is either a 'fall guy' or a 'stool pigeon'." In the case of Wilmer, it is appropriate; in this film, in the trailer dialogue, gunsel is used for its other common meaning which is a criminal with a gun.
Bloopers After the shoot out, the police enter the garage and arrest Vi who is in the garage. They would have no idea what her involvement was or if she was involved at all with the crime. Her presence there alone wouldn't make her guilty of anything.

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