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Against All Flags - 1952


In 1700, the pirates of Madagascar menace the India trade; British officer Brian Hawke has himself cashiered, flogged, and set adrift to infiltrate the pirate "republic." There, Hawke meets lovely Spitfire Stevens, a pirate captain in her own right, and the sparks begin to fly; but wooing a pirate p..

Fathom - 1967


In southern Spain with a U.S. team, skydiver Fathom Harvill (Raquel Welch) is approached by Colonel Douglas Campbell (Ronald Fraser), who is working for a top-secret Western agency. He's after a vital lost atomic device, and wants her to parachute into a house occupied by some Red Chinese Agents to ..

The Golden Coach - 1952


A Carruagem de Ouro é uma das últimas obras-primas de Jean Renoir (1894-1974), o grande mestre do cinema francês diretor dos geniais A Regra do Jogo, A Grande Ilusão, entre outros. A Versátil apresenta este clássico em versão restaurada e com extras especiais, incluindo depoimento de Renoir e uma ap..

Womanlight - 1979


Reciprocal consolation. The background of two middle-aged people (Michel and Lydia) is gradually unfolded. Michel's wife is incurably ill. They had agreed that she would take her life on this day. All telephone cables were cut and Michel should leave France for months. But he goes forth and back bet..

Barabbas - 1961


Essa é uma história fictícia sobre Barrabás, baseada na fascinante passagem do Novo Testamento, quando Poncio Pilatos pergunta à população de Jerusalém quem deveria ganhar liberdade, Jesus de Nazaré ou Barrabás (Anthony Quinn, vencedor de dois prêmios Oscar), um ladrão e assassino que acaba sendo li..

Vague Stars of Ursa... | Of a Thousand Delights | Sandra - 1965


Sandra returns to Volterra, in Tuscany, the little town where she spent her childhood, bringing her American husband Andrew. She wishes to pay homage to her father who died in Auschwitz when she was still very young. In Volterra, Andrew meets Sandra's brother Gianni for the first time and soon reali..

The Black Orchid - 1958


After mobsters murder her husband, Rose Bianco works long hours making artificial flowers, to support herself and her son. Some suspect that Rose's demand for a lavish lifestyle pushed her husband to a life of crime, and they blame her for his death. Widower Frank Valente is attracted to Rose, and m..

Chouans! - 1988


Directed by Philippe de Broca, the film recounts a bloody episode of the French Revolution. 1793, the Terror . In Vendée and in Bretagne, the chouans are revolting against the young Republic and fight for the monarchy restauration. The civil war divides also the family of the Count Savinien de Kerfa..

Taras Bulba - 1962


A "Romeo and Juliet" story that takes place in the late 16 c. Ukraine. Taras has settled into comfortable farm life after years of adventures and swashbuckling with his cossack companions. Though not wealthy, he is able to send his son Andrii away to a Polish school. At this time the Poles are overl..

We All Loved Each Other So Much - 1974


Gianni, Nicola and Antonio become close friends in 1944 while fighting the Nazis. After the end of the war, full of illusions, they settle down. The movie is a the story of the life of these three idealists and how they deal with the inevitable disillusionments of life...

Lincoln | Office Seekers - 2012


In 1865, as the American Civil War winds inexorably toward conclusion, U.S. president Abraham Lincoln endeavors to achieve passage of the landmark constitutional amendment which will forever ban slavery from the United States. However, his task is a race against time, for peace may come at any time,..

Les Misérables - 1998


Jean Valjean, a Frenchman imprisoned for stealing bread, must flee a police officer named Javert. The pursuit consumes both men's lives, and soon Valjean finds himself in the midst of the student revolutions in France...

Fort Worth | Fort Worth - 1951


Southern veteran Ned Britt returns home to Fort Worth after the Civil War with his mentor, newspaperman Ben Garvin, along with his young apprentice, in hopes of building the town into a modern metropolis. However, the area is terrorized by the ruthless Gabe Clevenger and his gang of hired guns. Brit..

Many Rivers to Cross - 1955


During 1798, Bushrod Gentry (Robert Taylor) is a Kentucky trapper who travels from place to place, sometimes staying with settler families for a night or two before moving on. Being a handsome man he often breaks the hearts of the unmarried young daughters of his hosts and it always leads to proposa..

Stella Dallas - 1937


Working-class Stella Martin marries high-end Stephen Dallas and soon they have a daughter named Laurel. But Stephen's incessant demands of Stella to become what she isn't leads to their eventual separation. Stephen later marries Helen Morrison (his prior fiancée), and Laurel becomes the focus of Ste..

Double Wedding | Three's Company - 1937


Waldo and Irene have been living with Margit for the four years that they have been engaged. Margit has planned the wedding and the honeymoon - in fact, Margit plans everything down to what they will have for breakfast every day. The only problem is that Waldo is a milquetoast and Irene does not wan..

From the Terrace - 1960


Alfred Eaton, um jovem executivo ambicioso, sobe ao topo do mundo financeiro de Nova York enquanto seu casamento desmorona. À beira de atingir seus objetivos profissionais, ele é forçado a escolher entre o sucesso nos negócios, casado com a bela, mas infiel Mary, e recomeçar com seu verdadeiro amor,..

The Threepenny Opera - 1931


In London, Mackie Messer is the king of thieves and an irresistible pimp. When he meets Polly Peachum on the street, he invites her to a bar for a drink, and they end the night by getting married in an abandoned warehouse. When Polly's father, Jonathan Jeremiah Peachum, also known as the King of the..

The Face Behind the Mask - 1941


In this low-budget thriller, Peter Lorre plays Janos Szabo, an immigrant from Hungary who is a skilled craftsman. After he is caught in a fire, his face is horribly scarred; his frightening appearance makes it impossible for him to get a job. With nowhere else to turn, Janos begins working for the c..

Ma nuit chez Maud | My Night at Maud's | My Night at Maud's | Six Moral Tales III: My Night at Maud's - 1969


34-year-old engineer Jean-Louis has just started a new job in Clermont. He lives a relatively solitary life not knowing anyone in town except his work colleagues, and he has made a conscious decision that they should not become his de facto friends just because they work together. He also chooses no..

Monsieur Gangster | Les Tontons Flingueurs | Crooks in Clover - 1963


Ex-gangster Fernand (Lino Ventura) receives a call from a dying friend, a mob boss nicknamed "The Mexican". The doomed mobster talks Fernand into taking care of some criminal business and looking after his soon-to-be-married daughter. When a longtime mobster heavy, Volfoni takes exception to Fernand..

Showing 1 to 21 of 343 (17 Pages)