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The purchase of gifts will be made directly in the order basket, 

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Those who have placed orders on our website from the year January 2022 and have received films with low quality, subtitles without synchronization, please contact us through our collector service channels informing the name of the film, registered name and if any, order number that we will send other material with superior quality or if it is not possible,  the credit for choosing another movie.

Note: Since the beginning of the year, the Collector's House has been making substitutions in its collection, exchanging the low quality material for a remastered one.

16/11/2023 - The site is now open for digital film requests (download)

All payment features are available.

06/12/2023 - Submission deadline

The deadlines for films that are not yet edited are taking from 03 to 07 working days for orders of considerable quantity.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

From the end of this week there will be changes in the sending of the links, and they will be automatically made available in your account.

For films already edited and available on our servers, the availability will be instant after the order is finalized.

Downloads just got easier

The great news is that it is now easier to download the movies, as they are available in your order history after completing the order.

Each movie will have a download button, just click, save to the desired area and that's it.

The movie files are available in MKV or MP4 format, which makes it possible to watch them on mobile devices, on TV, on the computer and even burn to DVD through DVDshrink, convertXtoDVD among other free software available for download on the Internet.

The files are made available in single files with the selectable subtitles and audio when it has dubbing.

Download Requests

After 5 days of the order placed, your order status will be automatically changed to "Downloads Placed", this will make it impossible for you to download, so if there are connection problems or any other problem that made it impossible for you to complete or download it, please report it to us immediately.

Updated Terms & Conditions

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Updates and Modifications Technical Data Sheet

Digital content that does not contain delivery date specifications on pages such as "Immediate Delivery" and with codes that start with (NA) may undergo changes in dubbing and subtitles.

Emphasizing that your original audios and subtitles referring to your country will appear as stated in the term "Geographic Variability" above.

A Casa do Colecionador reserves the right to make the necessary changes when necessary, thus providing excellent content in terms of quality.

Technical Sheet: Language and Subtitles

For all films that do not contain the acronym "NA" in the film code, we do not guarantee the dubbing as stated in the technical sheet.

The Guarantee is only given to the original audios of the film.

Emphasizing that the A Casa do Colecionar website page is making changes and improvements to our services and we prioritize the quality of the content available.

We are gradually updating the page with more than 12 thousand works registered on it.

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