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Pontius Pilate - 1962

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Tags: Ponzio Pilato, Ponce Pilate, Poncio Pilatos

The events that culminated with the Passion of Christ seen from the perspective of Pontius Pilate, the Procurator of Judea who unwillingly condemned Christ to death. Based on the biblical Gospel of John.

Technical Sheet
Title in Brazil Pôncio Pilatos
Original Title Ponzio Pilato | Ponce Pilate
Title in Portugal Poncio Pilatos
Release year 1962
Language French
Subtitle English, Portuguese
Colors Colorful
Gender Epic
Duration 100 Min.
Direction Gian Paolo Callegari, Irving Rapper
Countries of origin Itália, França
Cast Jean Marais, Jeanne Crain, Basil Rathbone, Letícia Román, Massimo Serato, Riccardo Garrone, Livio Lorenzon, Gianni Garko, John Drew Barrymore, Roger Tréville, Carlo Giustini, Dante DiPaolo, Paul Muller, Alfredo Varelli, Manuela Ballard

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