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Port of Shadows | The Port of Shadows | Le Quai des Brumes - 1938

  • Brands Marcel Carné
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Life's a rotten business, says Jean, a deserter who arrives at night in Le Havre, looking to leave the country. He lucks into civilian clothes, a little bit of money, a passport, and a dog, and he also meets Nelly, a 17-year-old who's grown up too fast. She's the object of lust of men: including a boyfriend Maurice, her putative protector Zabel, and Lucien, a local hood. Jean falls for her, faces down Lucien, and gives her courage to stand on her own feet. A ship is leaving for Venezuela; can at least one of them be on it, or is that just a dream?

Technical Sheet
Title in Brazil Cais das Sombras
Original Title Le quai des brumes
Title in Portugal Cais das Brumas
Release year 1938
Language French
Subtitle English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian
Colors Black and white
Gender Police, Drama, Romance
Duration 91 Min.
Direction Marcel Carne
Countries of origin France
Cast Jean Gabin, Michel Simon, Michèle Morgan, Pierre Brasseur, Édouard Delmont, Raymond Aimos, Robert Le Vigan, René Génin, Marcel Pérès, Jenny Burnay, Roger Legris, Martial Rèbe, Léo Malet, Marcel Melrac, Raymond Pélissier, Raphaël, Jacques Soukoff, Gaby Wagner, Claude Walter
Other details
Observation That film has been restored by Cinémathéque frangaise and Studiocanal with assistance from Fond Culture! Franco-American Port of Shadows got off to a rocky start. with a screenplay by Jacques Prévert, based on the work of Pierre Mac Orlan, being verified by the army before filming begins. Then, producer Gregor Rabinovitch asked Marcel Carné to remove any "dirt". In September 1939, The film was banned for being "immoral, derogatory and harmful to younger people." In 1941, in a and war effort to Restoring the French film industry the film was re-released. Like the original movie was incomplete, a 1938 copy was used to recreate the original movie. The restoration included the clean up the original movie, scan it into a new movie, in 2K, and complete it with images from 1938.The color correction was carried out using a pre-existing copy.
Did you know?
Curiosities Some may notice that the Le Havre setting, while realistic, seems to have a slightly strange perspective. This is because the streets were constructed with a "false perspective" technique: the buildings were gradually scaled down in size the farther they go into the background; when shot with the proper camera lens, such a street will seem to stretch away from the camera up to four times longer than it actually does.
Bloopers When Jean and Nelly have their picture taken, they are standing close together. After a brief cut to the photographer who instructs them not to move anymore, there is a clear gap between them.

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