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Side Street - 1950

  • Brands Anthony Mann
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Joe Norson (Farley Granger), a poor letter carrier with a sweet, pregnant wife, Ellen (Cathy O'Donnell), yields to momentary temptation and steals $30,000 belonging to a pair of ruthless blackmailers who won't stop at murder. After a few days of soul-searching, Joe offers to return the money, only to find that the "friend" he left it with has absconded. Now every move Joe makes plunges him deeper into trouble, as he's pursued and pursuing through the shadowy, sinister side of New York.

Technical Sheet
Title in Brazil Pecado Sem Mácula
Original Title Side Street
Release year 1950
Language English
Subtitle English, Portuguese, Bosnian, Croatian, French, Turkish
Colors Black and white
Gender Drama, Crime, Film-Noir
Duration 83 Min.
Direction Anthony Mann
Countries of origin United States
Cast Farley Granger, Cathy O'Donnell, James Craig, Paul Kelly, Jean Hagen, Paul Harvey, Edmon Ryan, Charles McGraw, Richard Basehart
Did you know?
Curiosities (at around 44 mins) Joe enters a bar under the Third Avenue El. The building number is 915, and the writing on the front window is "Clarke's Cafe". That's none other than P.J. Clarke's at 915 Third Ave., which is still there and barely changed.
Bloopers When Joe is looking for Harriet, he is seen leaving the front of Marie's Crisis Cafe. In the next shot, he appears to be inside the same place, indicated by the pattern of the iron grating on the double windows and their location in each shot.

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