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Taxi for Tobruk - 1961


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Tobrouk, October 1942, a French commando blows up a German gas depot. Four French soldiers survive the operation and manage to get away but are soon lost in the desert. After an exhausting day-long march, they spot five Germans in an armored car, only one is spared and made prisoner. The start of a surprising adventure where, in the face of danger, the men discover the meaning of solidarity.

Technical Sheet
Title in Brazil Um Táxi para Tobrouk
Original Title Un taxi pour Tobrouk
Title in Portugal Um Táxi para Tobrouk
Release year 1961
Language French
Subtitle German, Bosnian, Croatian, Spanish, French, Dutch, English, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Turkish
Colors Black and white
Gender Drama, War
Duration 95 Min.
Direction Denys de La Patellière
Countries of origin France, Spain, West Germany
Cast Hardy Krüger, Lino Ventura, Maurice Biraud, Charles Aznavour, Germán Cobos, Ellen Bahl, Roland Malet, Carlos Mendy, Roland Ménard, Jacques Préboist, Lorenzo Robledo, Dominique Rozan, Fernando Sancho, Enrique Ávila

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