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The Aleijadinho - 1978


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A brief piece on one of the greatest Brazilian artists of all time, Antônio Francisco Lisboa, the Aleijadinho. An important representant of the Baroque period in Brazil, Aleijadinho was famous for his artistic sculptures and figures made in soapstone, part of the many historical churches and other architetural monuments all located in Minas Gerais.

Technical Sheet
Original Title O Aleijadinho
Release year 1978
Language Portuguese
Subtitle English
Colors Colorful
Gender Documentary
Duration 23 Min
Direction Joaquim Pedro de Andrade
Countries of origin Brazil
Cast Ferreira Gullar
Note SUBLIME IMAGES: ** If you can't travel to Minas Gerais or don't have access to Brazil's art books, then as a last (and great) resort you have this informative short that briefly introduces the life and work of artist/sculptor/architect Antônio Francisco Lisboa , better known as Aleijadinho, one of the most important artists of the 18th and 19th centuries with his Baroque figures. Little is known about the individual, many conjectures about his life and the disfiguring disease that marked his face to the point that he could only walk at night and always covered - some say he was a leper - yet he continued to produce more and more adornments, sculptures in soapstone present in churches and sanctuaries, some of the oldest and best records of art in Brazil during the colonial period (Twelve Prophets made between 1800-1805 is one of his best-known works). | ** Director Joaquim Pedro de Andrade's images of Aleijadinnho's works leave us amazed, relics of art from more than 200 years of existence, preserved and beautifully located in the historic cities of Minas Gerais. Narrated by the famous writer Ferreira Gullar, a recurring voice in many other documentaries and finally making incredible use of his brooding (but very projected) vocal talent, the film describes the artist's expressionism in his images, angels and saints, with the camera's Andrade exploring every single detail. Obviously everything can't be shown, but the best that can be done with it is impressive. | Source: IMDB

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