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The Deadly Trackers | Kill Brand | Riata - 1973

  • Brands Samuel Fuller
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Sheriff Sean Kilpatrick believes guns result in gun solutions to problems. Frank Brand is the leader of a band of bank robbers who have no problem with killing anyone in their way. When their paths cross Kilpatrick's attempt to negotiate results in the death of his family during the escape. Kilpatrick goes against everything he has stood for when he crosses into Mexico to chase Brand and his gang. He demonstrates some violent tendencies towards the criminals and anyone else he comes across in his hunt to kill the gang. His behavior is not very heroic. He is challenged by a Mexican Sheriff interested only in carrying out the law - not vengeance.

Technical Sheet
Title in Brazil Fúria no Sangue
Original Title The Deadly Trackers
Title in Portugal
Release year 1973
Language English
Subtitle English, Portuguese, French, Persian, Romanian, Serbian, Turkish
Colors Colorful
Gender Western, Crime
Duration 110 Min.
Direction Barry Shear, Samuel Fuller
Countries of origin United States
Cast Richard Harris, Rod Taylor, Al Lettieri, Neville Brand, William Smith, Paul Benjamin, Isela Vega, Pedro Armendáriz Jr., Sean Marshall, William Bryant, Read Morgan
Did you know?
Curiosities One day during shooting, the stuntman needed for various scenes called in sick. There was no time to bring in another stunt double to the location in Mexico, so Rod Taylor, Richard Harris and Al Lettieri convinced the director they could do the stunts themselves. Harris wound up scraping off several inches of skin while making a tackle and Lettieri broke a finger by smashing through a door. Riding at a full gallop, Taylor was required to fall off his horse, which he did, and it was lucky that director Shear got it in one take because Taylor suffered a dislocated shoulder.
Bloopers With the final member of the gang, the killing is done with a shotgun. At no time in the movies did the sheriff have any gun other than a pistol or Winchester.

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