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The Fighting Marshall - 1931


Not knowing he has just been pardoned, Tim Benton (Tim McCoy, Texas Cyclone) escapes from prison with his cellmate, Red Larkin (Matthew Betz, The Wedding March), a dangerous killer. Disguised as the town's lawman, Tim sets off for Silver City to take back money that's rightfully his and hopefully clear his name. But Red has plans of his own and wants the money for himself. Newly remastered.

Ficha Técnica
Título no Brasil Desforra do Fugitivo | O Falso Agente
Título Original The Fighting Marshall
Ano de Lançamento 1931
Direção D. Ross Lederman
Países de origem
Elenco Tim McCoy, Mary Carr, Pat O'Malley, Lafe McKee, Dick Dickinson, Dorothy Gulliver, Matthew Betz, Edward LeSaint, Anders Van Haden, Bob Perry, Harry Todd, Chris Allen, Barney Beasley, Bob Card, Frank Ellis, Milton Brown, Jack Cheatham, Ethan Laidlaw
Outros detalhes
Criador Frank Howard Clark
Did you know The word "Marshall" is misspelled on the replaced title credit on the surviving print shown on Western Channel; the correct spelling, which would have appeared on the original Columbia title credits is "Marshal".

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