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The Furies - 1950

  • Brands Anthony Mann
  • Product Code: NA-1233-FAR-T
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In the 1870s New Mexico territory, T.C. Jeffords (Walter Huston) is a cattle baron who built his ranch, The Furies, from scratch. He borrows from banks, pays hired hands with his own scrip ("T.C.s"), and carries on low-level warfare with the Mexicans who settled the land but are now considered squatters. He has enemies, including Rip Darrow (Wendell Corey), a saloon owner from whose father T.C. took land. His headstrong daughter Vance (Barbara Stanwyck) has a lifelong friend in one of the Mexicans, her heart set on Rip, and dad's promise that she will run The Furies someday. Her hopes are smashed by Rip's revenge, a gold-digger who turns T.C.'s head, and T.C.'s own murderous imperialism. Is Vance to be cursed by fury and hatred?

Ficha Técnica
Título no Brasil Almas em Fúria
Titulo em Portugal Almas em Fúria
Título Original The Furies
Ano de Lançamento 1950
Idioma English
Legenda English, Portuguese, Spanish, Slovak, Greek, Dutch, Romanian, Serbian, Turkish
Cores Black and white
Gênero Western, Romance, Drama
Duração 109 Min.
Direção Anthony Mann
Países de origem United States
Elenco Barbara Stanwyck, Wendell Corey, Walter Huston, Judith Anderson, Gilbert Roland, Thomas Gomez, Beulah Bondi, Albert Dekker, John Bromfield, Wallace Ford, Blanche Yurka, Louis Jean Heydt, Frank Ferguson, Charles Evans, Movita

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