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The Naked Dawn - 1955

  • Brands Edgar G. Ulmer
  • Product Code: NA-2166-FAR-T
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Filmed in Mexico, the story focuses on a poor but proud farmer named Manuel and his wife Maria. When glib-tongued drifter Santiago tries to get Manuel mixed up in a train robbery, the farmer is at first resistant, but is goaded into joining Santiago by the covetous Maria. Corrupted by the prospect of untold wealth, Manuel begins plotting the murder of Santiago; meanwhile, Maria makes plans to bump off Manuel and run off with the handsome stranger.

Technical Sheet
Title in Brazil Madrugada da Traição
Original Title Naked Dawn
Title in Portugal Alvorada vermelha
Release year 1955
Language English
Subtitle Portuguese, French, Russian, Ukrainian
Colors Colorful
Gender Western
Duration 82 Min.
Direction Edgar G. Ulmer
Countries of origin Estados Unidos
Cast Arthur Kennedy, Betta St. John, Eugene Iglesias, Charlita, Roy Engel, Tony Martinez, Francis McDonald
Did you know?
Curiosities François Truffaut cited this film as an inspiration for Jules and Jim. In fact, he even mentions Jules and Jim in his review of this film. Truffaut's film came out six years later.

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