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The Shepherd of the Hills - 1941

  • Brands Henry Hathaway
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Young Matt Masters, an Ozark Mountains moonshiner, hates the father he has never seen, who apparently deserted Matt's mother and left her to die. His obsession contributes to the hatred rampant in the mountains. However, the arrival of a stranger, Daniel Howitt, begins to positively affect the mountain people, who learn to shed their hatred under his gentle influence. Still, Matt does not quite trust Howitt.....

Ficha Técnica
Título no Brasil O Morro dos Maus Espiritos | O Escravo da Montanha
Titulo em Portugal
Título Original The Shepherd of the Hills
Ano de Lançamento 1941
Idioma English, Portuguese
Legenda English, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Serbian, Turkish
Cores Colorful
Gênero Drama, Romance, Adventure, Western
Duração 98 Min.
Direção Henry Hathaway
Países de origem United States
Elenco John Wayne, Betty Field, Harry Carey, Beulah Bondi, James Barton, Samuel S. Hinds, Marjorie Main, Ward Bond, Marc Lawrence, John Qualen, Fuzzy Knight, Tom Fadden
Você sabia?
Curiosidades The Hayes Office were shocked and appalled by the scene in which Sammy removes her shirt and displays her bare back to the camera. Director Henry Hathaway assured the Office that it was actually a man doubling for Betty Field during that particular moment. Field, as well as John Wayne, corroborated this. Years later, Field revealed that it was indeed her own bare back that was shown.
Erros de gravação With both shootings later in the film there is absolutely no trace of blood. This is particularly surprising in the first case which is at point-blank range.

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