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The Visitor - 1976

  • Brands Giulio Paradisi
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John Huston stars as an intergalactic warrior who joins a cosmic Christ figure in battle against a demonic 8-year-old girl and her pet hawk, while the fate of the universe hangs in the balance. Multi-dimensional warfare, pre-adolescent profanity, and brutal avian attacks combine to transport viewers to a state unlike anything they've experienced--somewhere between Hell and the darkest reaches of outer space.

Technical Sheet
Title in Brazil Herdeiros da Morte
Original Title Stridulum
Title in Portugal Os Visitantes
Release year 1979
Language English
Subtitle English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Latvian, Russian, Ukrainian
Colors Colorful
Gender Science Fiction, Horror
Duration 108 Min.
Direction Giulio Paradisi
Countries of origin Italy
Cast Mel Ferrer, Glenn Ford, Lance Henriksen, John Huston, Joanne Nail, Sam Peckinpah, Shelley Winters, Paige Conner, J.A. Townsend, Joe Dorsey, Johnny Popwell, Wallace Wilkinson, Steve Somers, Lou Walker, Walter Gordon Sr., Hsio Ho Chao, Calvin Embry, Betty Turner, Steve Cunningham, Neal Boortz, Jack H. Gordon, Steve Beizer, Bill Ash, Charles Hardnett, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Dave Hinchberger, Franco Nero, Bart Russell, Aron Siegel
Did you know?
Curiosities According to the interview with Paige Conner on the Code Red DVD, Shelley Winters smacked Conner for real several times while both rehearsing and filming a key confrontation scene with her.
Bloopers When Barbara is being pulled along the ground a wheel and part of a small skateboard is visible underneath her.

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