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The Warrior and the Slave Girl | The Revolt of Gladiators - 1958


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Marcus Numidius (Ettore Manni), a Roman tribune sent to Armenia to put down a gladiators' revolt, captures the rebels' popular leader, Aselepius (Georges Marchal). Princess Amira (Gianna Maria Canale), with ambitions of being Queen and jealous of Asclepius' popularity, plans his death in the arena by substituting a lion for his human opponent.

Technical Sheet
Title in Brazil A Revolta dos Gladiadores
Original Title La rivolta dei gladiatori
Title in Portugal A Revolta dos Gladiadores
Release year 1958
Language Russian, Italian
Subtitle English, Portuguese
Colors Colorful
Gender Epic, Adventure
Duration 83 Min.
Direction Vittorio Cottafavi
Countries of origin Italy
Cast Ettore Manni, Gianna Maria Canale, Mara Cruz, Georges Marchal, Fidel Martín, Vega Vinci, Jesús Tordesillas, Rafael Durán, Nando Tamberlani, Valeria Moriconi, Kerima, Salvatore Furnari, Juan Olaguivel, Rafael Calvo Revilla, Renato Montalbano

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