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Young Lucrezia 1974

  • Brands Luciano Ercoli
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In the early-16th century, the mighty Borgia family, Cesare Borgia and his pitiless sister Lucrezia rule all Italy. Cesare, incestuously in love with his sister, commits a crime and starts a war campaign in Romagna. Lucrezia, meanwhile, gets pregnant. Cesare returns victorious from the war, and the Pope is then forced to separate his two children.

Technical Sheet
Title in Brazil Lucrezia Giovane | Lucrécia Bórgia
Original Title Lucrezia giovane
Title in Portugal
Release year 1974
Language Italian, Russian
Subtitle English, Portuguese, Russian
Colors Colorful
Gender Drama, Biography
Duration 80 Min.
Direction Luciano Ercoli
Countries of origin Italy
Cast Simonetta Stefanelli, Massimo Foschi, Ettore Manni, Anna Orso, Paolo Malco, Elizabeth Turner, Raffaele Curi, Aldo Reggiani, Piero Lulli, Teodoro Corrà, Edoardo Florio, Guglielmo Spoletini, Giovanni Petrucci, Annamaria Tornello, Vittorio Fanfoni, Margaret Rose Keil, Alessandro Perrella, Fred Robsahm

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