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Grisbi | Touchez Pas au Grisbi | Touchez pas au grisbi | Hands Off the Loot - 1954

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Tags: Grisbi

An aging, world-weary gangster is double-crossed and forced out of retirement when his best friend is kidnapped and their stash of eight stolen gold bars demanded as ransom.

The middle age bon-vivant Max is a former gangster and close friend of his partner Riton. They have stolen eight gold bars of 12 kg each that worth 50-million francs and Max has kept them hidden for their retirement. Riton's mistress Josy is tired of him and has found a new lover to support her, Angelo, who is a dangerous gangster. Riton has made a comment to Josy about the gold and soon Angelo discovers that Max and Riton have the stolen gold. He abducts Riton to force Max to give the gold to him. Will Max exchange his gold for Riton?

Technical Sheet
Title in Brazil Grisbi, Ouro Maldito
Original Title Touchez pas au grisbi
Title in Portugal O Último Golpe
Release year 1954
Language French
Subtitle English, Portuguese, Italian, Russian
Colors Black and white
Gender Police, Drama
Duration 96 Min.
Direction Jacques Becker
Countries of origin France
Cast Jean Gabin, René Dary, Dora Doll, Vittorio Sanipoli, Marilyn Buferd, Gaby Basset, Paul Barge, Alain Bouvette, Daniel Cauchy, Denise Clair, Angelo Dessy, Michel Jourdan, Paul Oettly, Jean Riveyre, Delia Scala, Silvestri, Lucilla Solivani, Lino Ventura, Paul Frankeur, Jeanne Moreau, Charles Bayard, Jean Clarieux, Jean Daurand, Dominique Davray, René Hell, Robert Le Fort, Charles Mahieu, Pierre Moncorbier
Did you know?
Curiosities Film debut of former Italian fighter Lino Ventura. According to Daniel Cauchy ("Fifi"), originally his character was supposed to remain in the car until the classic confrontation between Lino Ventura and Jean Gabin. He was traveling by plane between another film shot in Paris and this one, but director Jacques Becker thought it would be more convenient for Gabin's character to throw him out of the car before then.
Bloopers When the submachine guns are removed from the wine box, they are Sten Submachine guns. When they are removed from the car after the ambush they are Sten Guns. When they are finally shot at the retreating gangsters, they have become two different models of Thompson Submachine guns, an early civilian model of a Thompson and a military model (M1 or M1A1) of a Thompson.

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