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Discovery of Brazil | 16th century colonial period

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Brands Guel Arraes

Caramuru - A Invenção do Brasil - 2001



A invenção de um país chamado Brasil começa em Portugal, onde o talentoso pintor Diogo Álvares (Selton Mello)cultiva a arte de embelezar a realidade, o que lhe cria alguns problemas com o comandante Vasco de Athayde (Luís Mello). Diogo é contratado por Dom Jayme (Pedro Paulo Rangel), o cartógrafo do..

Brands Alain Fresnot

Desmundo - 2002



In 1570, Oribela, a young orphan girl was given to a Brazilian settler by the Portugal Queen. She is sent far away to become the wife of the sugar beet farmer Francisco de Albuquerque, who is much older than her. Although Francisco loves her, he is an unkempt man who lives in a strange household wit..

Brands Norma Bengell

O Guarani - 1996



O caso de amor proibido entre Peri, uma índia, e a bela Ceci, uma portuguesa branca, no Brasil do século XVII...

Brands Fauzi Mansur

The Guarani - 1979



At the beginning of Portuguese colonization, the land was dominated by the strength of the Indian and the skill of the conqueror. Life was brutal and difficult, bringing together natives and colonizers for the common struggle. Dom Antônio Mariz was one of those noblemen in charge, by the Portuguese ..

Showing 1 to 4 of 4 (1 Pages)