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It Could Happen to You | Cop Gives Waitress $2 Million Tip! - 1994

  • Brands Andrew Bergman
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Charlie and Muriel Lang have led simple lives for most of their existence. That's until they win $4 million on the lottery. There is a problem, however. Prior to winning the lottery, Charlie had eaten at a café and hadn't been able to tip the waitress. He had promised her, jokingly, that if he won the lottery he'd give her half of it. This is why his wife, Muriel, decides to leave him. She doesn't want the waitress to get a cent of their money. In fact, she wants all $4 million for herself.

Technical Sheet
Title in Brazil Atraídos pelo Destino
Original Title It Could Happen to You
Title in Portugal Poderia Acontecer-te
Release year 1994
Language English, Portuguese
Subtitle German, Bosnian, Czech, Chinese, Danish, Slovenian, Spanish, Estonian, Finnish, French, Dutch, Hungarian, Indonesian, English, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, European Portuguese, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Swedish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese
Colors Colorful
Gender Romantic Comedy, Romance, Comedy
Duration 101 Min.
Direction Andrew Bergman
Countries of origin United States
Cast Nicolas Cage, Bridget Fonda, Rosie Perez, Wendell Pierce, Isaac Hayes, Victor Rojas, Seymour Cassel, Stanley Tucci, J.E. Freeman, Red Buttons, Richard Jenkins, Robert Dorfman, Charles Busch, Beatrice Winde, Ginny Yang, Rene Raymond Rivera, Angel David, Anna Lobell, Claudia Shear, Jimmy Sabater, Merwin Goldsmith, Vincent Pastore, Barry Squitieri, Phil Stein, Jerome Turner, George J. Manos, Edward Goldstein, Emily Deschanel, Willie Colón, Ranjit Chowdhry, Pedro Pietri, Frank Pellegrino, Charles B. Lowlicht, Jed Krascella, Bob Sheppard, Kathleen McNenny, John Louis Fischer, Kaipo Schwab, Candece Tarpley, Emena C. Santiago, Angela Pietropinto, Mina Bern, Feiga Martinez, John Norman Thomas, John R. Russell, Ann Dowd, Kay Tong Lim, Jack Cafferty, Budd Mishkin, Carl White, Cheryl Washington, Peter Jacobson, Douglas Bernstein, Phil Parolisi, Amy Atkins, Alan Muraoka, Laury Marker, Felipe Luciano, Brenda Pressley, Ellen Lancaster, Lily Sanders, Julia Campanelli, Tanya Carrasco, Gloria Cuomo, Francisco De Arriba, Patrick Ferraro, Edward B. Goldstein, Mark Gorham, Alessandro Juliani, Jos Laniado, Marshall Dancing Elk Lucas, Barbara Maggio, Alma Martinez, John Moss, Nick Taylor, George Vincent, Bebie Waller, William Wedell, Peter Yellen

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