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The Blue Kite - 1993

  • Brands Mao Xiao
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On Dry Well Lane in Beijing in 1953, Chen Shujuan and Lin Shaolong marry. A year later their son, nicknamed Tietou (Iron Head), is born. The Party is everywhere: Mao's photograph, loud-speaker announcements, visits from the neighborhood committee. Shaolong dies in a reform camp; a close family friend, who protects Shujuan and her son partly out of guilt for lying to authorities about Shaolong, succumbs to malnutrition; a confrontation with the Red Guard leads to injury, imprisonment and death. Shujuan's love for Tietou sustains her, and the child's blue kite embodies hope: "I can make another for you," says Tietou's dad; by the end, Tietou promises this to a small child.

Technical Sheet
Title in Brazil O Sonho Azul
Original Title Lan feng zheng | 蓝风筝
Title in Portugal O Papagaio de Papel Azul
Release year 1993
Language Chinese
Subtitle Chinese, Spanish, Dutch, English, Portuguese, Russian
Colors Colorful
Gender Drama, History
Duration 140 Min.
Direction Mao Xiao
Countries of origin China, Hong Kong
Cast Tian Yi, Wenyao Zhang, Xiaoman Chen, Liping Lü, Cunxin Pu, Xuejian Li, Baochang Guo, Ping Zong, Quanzhong Chu, Xiaoying Song, Hong Zhang, Yanjin Liu, Bin Li, Lu Zhang, Donglin Guo, Shumin Wu, Fengyi Zhang, Min Xu, Ju Zhang, Jiali Ding, Gengchen Jiang, Jong Chen, Zhong Lü

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